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Accounting Assignment Expert - FAQ's

Why should I trust your service?
We believe in delivering quality assignments, building a trustworthy relationship from the start and this is why we permit money back guarantee. We have implemented an efficient quality control process to ensure the highest quality assignments. Even the most demanding customers are satisfied. This evidence indicates that we have exclusive communications, that is to say availability of live support, cognition of work performance status. Our company is dedicated to its customers. We understand that our success depends on your satisfaction, and we truly value your confidence in our assignment service.

What makes Accounting Assignment Expert different?
Accounting Assignment Expert offers a compelling proposition: a vast academic and personalized service for a relatively insignificant cost. Given that education is of vital importance in today’s world, as a determinant of future success and of access to new social arenas, its importance is great. In addition, we are so confident in our service and permit money back guarantee (note: very few services can match this guarantee). But only if you prove that term assignment you ordered was plagiarized or doesn't meet your initial project requirements.

What customer support do I get?
Our Unique Customer Service Center allows you to:
* Track your order status in real time.
* Submit comments, revision requests directly to your personal expert (greatly speeds up revision process and improves communication);
* Upload necessary files or guidelines
* Download your completed order directly from our server as many times as you want, any time you want (serves as a backup copy of your order);
* Pay your unpaid order;
* Restore your order number (-s) in case if you delete email from us
* Ask for a quotation from our friendly Customer Service Team;
* and much more...

How can I contact you if I will have any questions regarding my work?
We understand that proper communication plays an important role in the completion of any assignment, thus our Customer Care Center is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us by one of the following means: LiveChat, Telephone or E-mail.

Are our prices a direct indication of the quality of work that you will receive?
Yes, the quality of our assignments is definitely worth the price you pay to get it. We understand that we are not the cheapest custom assignment service available, you must understand that maintaining the service that we do is not inexpensive. For one hiring truly qualified experts, two maintaining our 24/7 customer care service, not to mention keeping our complex computerized systems up and running etc. It truly is worth it when you can guarantee that on the deadline you receive a truly excellent assignment that is not plagiarized and that is fully referenced and cited. We guarantee satisfaction, even in the rare case that someone maybe not be completely satisfied with the assignment they receive we will revise it for you free of charge until you are, this is something that not many companies offer. A situation that occurs quite often is when a customer approaches us with an assignment, finds out how much it will cost them and opts for a cheaper company, then in the near future the same person contacts us again saying that they have had a terrible experience, that they got totally ripped off and could we please complete their assignment after all. Is it worth taking the risk and compromising your academic success, we don’t think so. Please keep this in mind when making your decision.

How can I pay?
For service provided by our company, you can pay by one of the following:

- Any major credit card (via Internet Payments Option)
- If you are a holder of Visa or MasterCard you can choose to pay over the telephone with one of our customer care representatives*
- PayPal
- Bank Transfer

*If you are willing to pay directly with one of our representatives, please fill out the order request form prior to contacting our office

Can I pay in installments?
This is a possibility, but we do not recommend paying in installments, the reasons behind this are of such:

• It will disturb the flow of the assignment process
1) Each time the expert has finished the part of the assignment that he has paid for he has to wait for confirmation of the next payment before he can continue working.
2) Delays in bank transfers and any other of money transfer are quite common, delays in transfers will mean delays in work, and obviously with a single payment the risk of such delays is smaller.
• It can cause hiccups in the experts schedule, for example they cannot be sure when payments for each part of your order will come through, which makes it harder for them to organize their time in harmony with the flow of other orders.
• It is a risk for us in the sense that we have no guarantee that the customer will complete the payments for the order, which leaves us hanging.

On the other hand we do understand that when placing a big order it is hard for some people, for one reason or another, to pay the entire cost in one lump sum. For more information on when we will accept payment in installments, please contact our Customer Care representatives. Before doing so consider the fact that there really is no risk in paying upfront, especially if you make the payment using a credit card, you can always cancel the transfer. This will actually be more complicated if you have paid in installments.

Do not be fooled by companies that will accept a small upfront payment and then payment in installments. The original payment is just a way to get on their, then they will start delaying the assignment process and the prices will increase or extra payments will come into the picture. They realize that once you have made your first payment you will be more hesitant to go to another company and part with your money. Please be careful, we don't want you to be tricked after all a bad experience with another company will make people more reluctant to approach all custom assignment services, including ours.

Who will write my assignment?
While majority of custom assignment companies that have recently emerged on the Internet make money hiring inexperienced students and foreign experts with poor knowledge of English, the team of UK and US professional experts employed with our company consists of experienced and qualified researchers capable of coping with literally any assignment. Each member of our assignment team holds at least Master’s Degree, and some experts hold PhD degree. Access to the best electronic libraries containing millions of sources, great research skills, and knowledge of the research process logic allows our experts to produce high quality assignments that exceed or at least match the customer's expectations. We understand that work of highly qualified personnel is not cheap, but in the long-term such approach is more effective: majority of those whom place orders in our company are regular customers.

Will I be able to contact my expert?
Communication between customers and experts plays an essential part in the completion of the assignment. Sometime it is virtually impossible to complete the assignment without some additional information or clarification from the side of our customers. At Accounting Assignment we have developed one of a kind message system, which will allow you to stay in touch with the expert who is working on your assignment.

Will I be able to have a live conversation with my expert?
As we guarantee full confidentiality to our customers, we guarantee it to all of our experts as well, thus a live communication with the expert may not be available, but the message system that was developed by our staff will make your communication with your expert just as effective.

Will I have to provide you with any additional information?
Usually the instructions that you provide while filling out the order form are enough for the expert to complete your assignment. However, there may be some situations when the customer may be asked to provide the copy of some source that is very specific or hard to access, Editing and Proofreading service also require for you to submit the copy of the piece that you would like to have revised.

How can I forward additional information to you?
There are several means of forwarding information to us, and you can select one of the ways which suites you best. You can forward anything you like via E-mail or Fax, or you will be able to upload any additional sources or your personal draft directly with your order.

What is the quality of your custom term assignments and dissertations?
All work is guaranteed to be of degree level 2:1 (UK) standard or G.P.A. 3.0+ (US) Standard and above. Accounting Assignment is committed to deliver the highest quality service and continues today to help students with their essays. We strive to be the leaders in the industry and are proving so by providing you with more than just quality service, we provide you with piece of mind for every possible situation. Our experts deliver proprietary, personalized and completed to your instructions end-to-end research assignments to our clients.

What about plagiarism?
Our company implements zero-tolerance anti-plagiarism policy. Every piece of assignment completed by our assignment team is checked with the help of powerful anti-plagiarism engines to make sure that it is really original. We do not use the software that saves each assignment checked to a database for further matching with other assignments. We are perfectly aware that plagiarism is labeled as the most severe violation by absolutely all educational institutions in the U.S. and abroad, and take all precautions possible to avoid it with our assignment team.

How will I receive my order once it is completed?
The standard mean of delivery of the completed assignment is via our web-site. Every customer is given an access to a personalized control panel, with the help of which you will be able to contact your expert and/or administration, upload any files that you want expert to use, see all of your previous orders, and of course download the completed assignment. However, you may also choose to have assignment e-mailed to you or delivered via post.

What if I do not think that my assignment fully matches my initial criteria?
We understand that once you receive an assignment you may want some parts to be edited or revised for you, thus we have implemented an Unlimited Free Revision policy. This means that within first 15 days after the delivery of your assignment you may contact us and we will gladly revise or correct the parts of the assignment that you point to. We understand that dissertations may take longer to get reviewed thus for those customers, who order a dissertation assignment service we allow up to 3 months for any revision requests (depending on the number of pages)

How long will I have to wait before my work is delivered to me?
As a customer you will be able to select a deadline, which is appropriate for you. Currently we are offering services which start with 8-24 hour delivery and going up to 14 days for essay assignment service and 60 days for dissertation assignment, so you yourself will be able to decide on when you would like to have your order completed.

How can I calculate when I will receive my assignment?
You do not have to calculate anything, as our system was designed in a way that will show you how much time is there remaining before the delivery of your order. But if you would like to calculate the delivery time yourself, here is an example of how our system works:

Let’s assume that you have request a 4 day delivery and your order was placed on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. (1 day = 24 hours) Your assignment will be delivered to you in 96 hours exactly or even earlier, thus you can be sure that you will receive a completed assignment on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.

What will happen if I am not going to receive my assignment on time?
Even though, it is highly unlikely that delivery of your assignment will be delayed, Accounting Assignment will compensate the difference between the actual submission time and your original deadline, as well as will provide you with an additional compensation (in form of credit or a discount towards your next order) for any inconveniences.

Do you resell your assignments?
As a custom research company, we never sell pre assignments, nor do we resell/publish any assignment ordered through our company. The customer whom receives a project written by our team can be sure that he is the only person to receive and use this project.

Can I be sure that no third parties will find out about me using your services?
We never under any circumstances forward any of the personal information that you provide us with to any third parties. We fully understand just how important it is that you can be 100% sure of the fact that both the details that you provide and the fact that you have used our services will treated with the utmost delicacy by our staff and that they will never be disclosed to anyone outside of our company. We value our customers and therefore your priorities are our priorities.

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